There’s an exciting sport that’s sweeping the nation — kayaking! So if you want to get in on the fun and learn how to kayak, that’s certainly understandable. But it’s not necessarily the easiest thing to do. Before you even think about how to kayak, however, you’ll want to learn what gear you’ll need in order to go kayaking and where you can get it.

There are three kinds of kayaks — rigid kayaks, folding kayaks, and inflatable kayaks. If you’re just now learning how to kayak, an inflatable kayak may be just up your alley. Even veterans like inflatable kayaks, because they’re easy to transport, store, and best of all — paddle around in! Plenty of online and offline dealers sell kayaks and other equipment that you’ll want to invest in. Folding kayaks and rigid kayaks are the most expensive because they’re made of hard-shell materials like wood, plastic, and fiberglass.

Sometimes a kayak is made of a combination of these things, and in this case, they are especially lightweight and durable — but also pricey! Inflatable kayaks are not only popular, but they also happen to be the cheapest. Depending on your personal needs for a kayak, buying an inflatable kayak is recommendable. You can also save money by investing in a used kayak, rather than a brand-new one.

You can even rent a kayak to give it a test run and see if kayaking is the sport for you. As well, there are plenty of private and group tours where you can either outfit yourself or get outfitted and have an expert take you around.

Before you pick out a kayak and then learn how to kayak, you’ll want to figure out what kind of kayaking you’re interested in however. That will determine what kind of kayak you invest in! For example, if you want to be able to fish, you need a fishing kayak. Click here to see some of the top rated fishing kayaks.

So now you’re ready to find out how to kayak! Well, if you’re just now discovering this world, you’re probably wondering what a kayak even is! Is it a canoe? is it different? Fact is, a kayak is like a smaller version of a canoe — it’s simply more versatile and better designed for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. It’s not nearly as heavy as a canoe, so it’s easier to use.

Basically, learning how to kayak isn’t tremendously difficult. It’s mastering the sport that can be tricky. The degree of challenge will depend on what precisely you’re using your kayak for. After all, you can go kayaking on any body of water and engage in all sorts of activities. Plan to paddle through some thrilling rapids or just catch some fish? You might want to do the latter before you try anything else!

If you want to learn how to kayak, it might be best to enroll in a class and get hands-on experience with a trained kayaker looking over your shoulder. In fact, the only way to really figure out how to kayak is to just do it. Remember, as well, that you’ll want to be well-versed in all the ways to keep you and your kayak safe and someone with kayaking experience can be very helpful for this!

Basics of Kayaking


The basics of how to kayak are not too surprising. Essentially, an individual fits snugly into the lightweight boat, outfitted in gear to keep him or her safe on the waters, and armed with one single paddle, and rows through the water. A kayaker must know to roll with the currents and maintain speed. You also need to purchase special kayaking shoes.

So you’ve got all your equipment and you’re ready to hit the water — so you’re anxious to learn all the secrets of how to kayak. Unfortunately, that’s not something you can read about necessarily. You need to actually kayak to learn how to kayak, not read about kayaking!

Whatever city you live in, however, there are probably kayaking courses you can take. And don’t worry — you don’t have to go alone! Take your family and friends. It’ll be an enjoyable and edifying experience that you will never forget. Even if you find that kayaking isn’t your forte, at least you put a little effort into developing such a unique, cool skill. And remember — even if you’re not looking to be extremely active in the outdoors, you can take a kayak out onto the sea or a mountain lake or whatever body of water, just to get in touch with nature. You will not regret learning how to kayak.

There are instruction courses for kayaking and the one you sign up for will depend not only on your budget and location, but also the kind of kayaking you’re most intrigued by. Some lessons will focus on kayaking rapids, others will focus on surfing mild waves. So keep your mind open and your horizons will undoubtedly be limitless!

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